Bulletproof coffee

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The sophomore Monday Moron Medical Monitoring featured Ace's commentary on bulletproof coffee.

There's a real Wikipedia entry on it.

People commonly put butter and cinnamon in it.

zombie mentioned "Philz coffee" in the Bay Area, which uses a very heavy cream. Later, zombie found the heavy cream that they use, which you can find at Berekley Farms.

Gingeroni raised the concern that coffee might raise insulin levels, though the research is fuzzy.

blue bell and others objected to the use of butter in coffee. She and others prefer coconut oil. rushbabe countered that the trick was in the blending. This was seconded by Mandy P. (not Patinkin).

Quantum Bollocks is adding fiber to his.

Per is on the Bulletproof Coaching program. "One important function of the coffee is that it brings one closer to being in ketosis and burning fat as the primal fuel. The coffee, albeit important, is only one element of the diet he argues for adapting.

RushBabe on the importance of actually blending: "Yeah, just stirring in coconut oil made me queasy until I learned that you have to use an immersion blender or regular blender to incorporate the oil or butter in the coffee. You won't believe how rich it tastes when it's mixed up."