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Cinnamon is said to have a positive effect on blood sugars.

Some folks put it in their bulletproof coffee.

Geoarrge warned that you want real Sri Lankan cinnamon.

Ace had some difficulty which may have been cinnamon related.

tubal confirmed and elaborated.

Floyd Winston advocated getting the Ceylon Cinnamon because it "dissolves better".

IMPORTANT moron NOTE: "Sri Lanka" is the new (as of 1948) name for the British colony formerly known as "Ceylon".

But Mama AJ references the Wikipedia on toxicity of non-Sri Lankan cinnamon. Read the label carefully!

NC Mountainl Girl adds "with any herb ot spice based supplements, if you can't grow your own...purchase your supply from the most reputable on-line vendor in the least processed form possible. Not only does that assure the optimum concentration of volatile oils, the main active ingredient, but the more heavily processed the product is, the easier it is to adulterate with cheap fillers."

kt drops a bomb: "Guess what it is in cinnamon improves learning in mice? Sodium benzoate, a preservative, feared by some, in processed foods."